Last significant update 12/12/2017
Latest News on the Heatherfront!

The late-night, serial-theatre, soap opera I do, It's Getting Tired
Mildred, is now in residence at
Under St. Mark's Theater in
Manhattan.  Our next few shows are Jan 6
, Feb 3, Mar 10 ... all
Saturday nights at 10:30 PM. Read a rave review of our October
show on
Applause! Applause!.

December 20 & 21 I will be performing in the ten year anniversary of
the One Minute Play Festival at
The Brick Theater in Brooklyn.

In October I recorded a voice over for a commercial for Blu Bar & Grill
in Brooklyn.

I spent the Summer and early Fal
l having a blast
rehearsing/performing THREE projects on Governor's Island in the
Dysfunctional Collective House.  September 9-17 I played an Irish
maid in the im
mersive murder mystery Miss Jane Periwinkle and The
Murder at Blackbird Inn written by Mim Granahan, directed by Aliza
Shane. Then September 23-Oct 1 I played Pentheus, King of Thebes
in a fierce, feminist adaptation of The Bacchae by Euripides created
collaboratively and led by Amy Overman. Then Oct 14 & 15 I
performed in staged readings of short screenplays written by Mim

A feature I played a principal role in, Leaving Virginville (produced by
White Liye Productions), received a screening at Anthology  Film
Archives in NYC on August 23rd.   

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