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Latest News on the Heatherfront!

In August I will be playing the protagonist in the premiere of The
Douchegirl Play (better name pending) by Duncan Pflaster as part
of The Secret Theater's UNFringed Festival.  We open August 12th,  

The monthly, late-night, serial-theatre, soap opera I do, It's Getting
Tired Mildred, will be taking up residence at The Davenport
Theater's Loft Space beginning September
15th, playing every 2nd
Saturday of the month at 10:30 PM.
 Tickets here!

2018 has been a busy year for theatre!  I just made my debut with
Boomerang Theatre in their Central Park production of Twelfth Night
June-July and also reprised my role as Pentheus in Dysfunctional
Theatre's fierce, feminist adaptation of The Bacchae in March which
I had helped develop last summer on Governor's Island.

In terms of on-camera work, I just shot a brief scene for a segment
on Comedy Central in July and a feature I played a principal role in,
Leaving Virginville (produced by
White Lyte Productions), will be
receiving 3 more festival screenings in 2018 at the World Film Fair
in New York, Women Behind Television and Film, and the New York
State Film Festival.

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