Last significant update 9/3/2016

I continue to play Nurse Constance in the hilarious, monthly, late-
night, serial-theater, soap opera series: It's Getting Tired Mildred
created by Roger Nasser.  Episode 16 will take place Saturday Sept
24 at 10:30 PM at The Brick.
Tickets here.

I spent the summer building, rehearsing and performing
This England
with Strange Harbor. We performed at The Brick's Shakespeare fest
in July and then had an extension run at IRT August 25-28.  
England is an inspired abbreviation of Shakespeare's Plantagenet
(Richard II through Richard III and all the Henrys in between)
! 8 actors played 40+ roles and I was very fortunate to
play King Richard II among others.  Photos coming soon!

March 24-April 2nd performed in A Dysfunctional Variety Hour with
Dysfunctional Theatre! February 23 & 25 I performed in workshop
readings of a new collaboratively devised piece called The Office Play.

November 29 I played android trooper Delta Prime in a scene for sci-fi
indie feature Carbon Copy with
Pandora Machine Films.  

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