Last significant update 7/4/2017
Latest News on the Heatherfront!

Leaving Virginville (produced by
White Liye Productions) is now
complete and being submitted to film festivals.  We'll be getting a
screening in NYC in August.  Check out our trailer

June 27 I performed as Nurse Constance in episode 23 of It's Getting
Tired Mildred at The Kraine.  We are thrilled to announce that our
hilarious, episodic-theatre, soap opera will be launching our 4th
season in residence at Under St. Mark's in Manhattan.  Stay tuned for
Fall dates.

In the meantime, I
'll be spending the summer rehearsing two projects
set to perform on Governor's Island in the Dysfunctional Collective
House in September.  The first two weekends in September I'll be
performing in the murder mystery Miss Jane Periwinkle and The
Murder at Blackbird Inn written by Mim Granahan.  The final two
weekends of September I'll be performing in an experimental
adaptation of The Bacchae by Euripides led by Amy Overman of
Dysfunctional Theatre.

In March was honored to perform in the first staged workshop
production of
Full of Grace at the Rough Draft Festival at the
LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.
Full of Grace is a beautiful,
important play built from interviews exploring homosexuality and

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