Photography Credits
Headshots on the Home Page, Photos page,  top and bottom on the Resume page, and the Where I'm Going page by the very
Sydney Angel.  More examples of her work here.

The photo on my Contact page photos was taken by Jordan Matter.  Visit his very entertaining website here.

The photo on the top of the page of photos from The Winter's Tale was taken by our stage manager
Kyle Rosenberg.  The rest of
the photos from that show on my page were taken by
Linus Gelber,

The performance photos from This England were taken by Cory Antiel, see more of his work at The
press photo (and graphic design with text) was taken by dir. Zach Tomlinson.

The production photos of
Babylon Babylon were taken by Ken Stein who photo-documented our whole process from early
rehearsals through cast party.  For more of his images check out his
website.  ...The one of me and Roger was snapped by
someone in the cast Roger handed his camera to.

The photos from The Empire's New Clothes (including the middle skinny shot on my resume page) were taken by amazing costume
David Crittenden, founding member of Synaesthetic Theatre. Visit their company website to see more of his work!

The photos from I Know at the Ontological-Hysteric were taken by photographer
Mike Fernandez, see more of his work at

The photos from Peer Gynt were taken by Benjamin Heller, a wiz at low-light photography!  See more of his work at

The photos from Freezer Dreams, MINA & Suddenly Last Summer were taken by photographer
Joe Bly.  The painting from MINA
was done by a cast member's husband,
Greig Leach.  He sketched all of us during the show and we were given the portraits as
cast gifts.

The photos of me on my motorcycle in the blue jacket on the
motorcycling page were taken by my brother, David A. E. Rogers,
outside the house where we grew up in Massachusetts when I was home for Memorial Day, 07.

The photos of
The Church of Why Not were taken by Joel Weber. More of his work can be seen here.

The photos from A Midsummer Night's Dream were taken by Scott Levin.  More of his work can be seen

Photos from Flying Snakes in 3D!!! were taken by
Chase Voorhees, Everywhere Theatre Group's awesome sound, video

Photos from
The Comedy of Errors with Hudson Warehouse were taken by a LOT of people... Thumbnail of my dress bodice by
awesome headshot photographer and co-star
Sydney Angel.  The top black and white photo, and the middle/left and middle/middle
photos were taken by
Joseph Hamel (who also took the umbrella photo on my Where I've Been page)  Middle/right photo by
Nicholas Santasier, bottom/left photo by co-star Dennis Larkin's sister Mary, bottom/right photo by John Yarborough (also the 2nd
from top photo from this show on my Resume page).

The photos from our open rehearsal of Romeo & Juliet while touring NYC schools were taken by Amy Hadam.

I don't know or remember who took the other show photos but if you, dear visitor, have this information please let me know so I can
add those credits here!
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