I grew up in rural Massachusetts playing pretend in the woods behind my
house.  In the fifth grade I did a play-version of The Nutcracker, I was one of
the cousins who only appear in the opening party scene.  All the same,
standing on the lip of the stage taking bows, I felt the world we’d created fade
away like a cape being pulled off my shoulders.  It hit me that I'd just created a
big, intense WORLD of "pretend" and taken a hundred-or-so people with me.  
I thought, "This is it. I want to be an actor when I grow up."  

I'm a stubborn girl.

By high school my goal was to be a working actor in New York City so I applied
to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and somehow got in.  Within 48 hours after
my parents dropped me off,  I knew New York was where I belonged.  I fell
right in with the rhythm of the city and I continue to feed off of the energy here
for fuel.  Through NYU, I spent 3 years studying at the Circle in the Square
Theater School getting a solid grounding in various movement techniques,
Linklater Voice, Skinner Speech and text analysis.  We also studied a variety
of acting techniques, both mental and physical.  I spent my final year at NYU
at the Classical Studio acting and performing Shakespeare under the
direction of Louis Scheeder.  I continue to train in classes, with coaches, with
peers - anyway I can afford to, whenever I can.  My recent training has been
specifically with Linklater voice work and also in the Viewpoints and Suzuki
physical acting techniques with SITI Company members and peer-friends from
SITI training.

At NYU some friends and I formed The Hyperbolic Players and we produced 8
plays together over 3 years.  I began honing and sorting out all the technical
information I learned about acting at NYU, played some excellent roles and
learned other aspects of theater-making such as producing, marketing, and
technical skills which have proved invaluable since.  I have also produced
under the name of Tea Time Productions.  
Welcome to heatherogers.com  -  The website for NYC Actress Heather Lee Rogers
As a proud staple of the New York independent theater community, I have performed at The Public, HERE, Theater for the New City,
The Brick, The Kraine, The Ontological-Hysteric, Incubator Arts Project, Theater Row and performed in the New York International
Fringe Festival twice to rave
reviews.  I have worked a lot in Manhattan.  I have also been proud to do theater in places where it isn't
so abundant, where its presence can make a huge difference, and give voice to a community.  I go where the work interests me and I
don't fuss about commuting.  I have been blessed to play some incredible, chance-of-a-lifetime roles like Hermione in The Winter's
Tale, Susie in Wait Until Dark and Iphigenia in Iphegenia at Aulis.  I take tiny roles for the chance to work with people I admire or learn
more about plays I love.   I see as much theater as I can, support theater however I can, and I’m continually scoping out new
companies and artists I want to work with.  
If it sounds like we’re on the same creative wave-length, Contact Me!