My goal in life is to wake up one morning and have only creative things to do.  I
want to support myself as an artist.  I want to be a better actor tomorrow than I
am today.  I want to perform great roles in great plays with great companies.  I
seek an exciting, inspiring, creative home.

Right now I’m most jazzed by classical plays and movement/ensemble-based
work.   I'm loving the idea of "experimental theater" as any kind of theater (of any
aesthetic/style at all) which is rehearsed and performed as an
because the theater-makers don't know if it will work or what will happen when it's
put in front of an audience.  I also love theater that's inherently populist in nature
- I think that's the way theater has to be to survive/thrive in the digital age.  
Theater should be an EVENT, a great time, and accessible/enjoyable to a wide
range of people.  In 2007 I did two different festivals of very short, weird, post-
modern plays and I've found that I like asking what qualifies something as
"theater" or a "play".  I tend to choose projects that are optimistically conceived
and absurdly ambitious... and that's just the way I like it.   

I want to do plays that are ridiculous, dangerous and heightened beyond TV
realism. I want to do plays that dance between reality and non-literal, avant-
garde places.  I want to do plays where the language is so powerful, timeless and
beautiful that the words land physical blows.  I want to speak text and ideas that
make rooms gasp.  I want to do theater that has to be theater and could exist in
no other medium.  I want to do readings and workshops of plays that are just
being born and help shape their development.  I want to work in as many
different mediums as I can to make myself a stronger all-around actor.  I want to
work in casts where I have to fight to hold my own with people who amaze and
push me.  I want to break gender boxes.  I want to play villains and kings.  I want
to play parts that are notoriously difficult.  My theater will defy stereotypes,
challenge minds and connect diverse people.
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