Last significant update 1/4/2020
Happy New Decade from the Heatherfront!

My monthly, late-night, serial-theatre, soap opera, It's Getting Tired
Mildred, continues its residence at The PIT Loft Space (154 W 29th
St, NYC) with season 6.  Episode 47 will be Saturday F
eb 8th.  We
play every 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:30 PM. The show is
followed by an after-party.  Tickets and info at

I got to do some really fun and challenging things as an actor in
2019.  In October I returned to play with my friends in
Collective on Governor's Island.  First I got to play the MURDERER  
in Miss Jane Periwinkle and the Mysterious Medium by Mim
Granahan, directed by Aliza Shane.  Then I got to do a cool solo
piece written by Erin Bregman as part of A Visitation directed by
Maryanne Olson (an experimental, immersive performance
experience that weaved together the writing of several different
authors on a ghostly theme). June 2-4 I performed in a One Minute
Play Fest at the New Ohio Theatre in a terrific team directed by Pete

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