Last significant update 4/26/2020
Greetings from the Epicenter-of-the-Epicenter!

Well, all theatre in New York City is effectively CANCELED until
further notice.

But I have been getting to do various online acting projects. This
Friday,  May 1st I will be performing in a virtual reading of a new full
length play called Ageless by Bridgette Dutta Portman, set in the
future where a scientist develops a drug that stops aging and her
daughter (played by me) devote
s her own research career to
bringing it down. More info on our
GoFundMe page.

There is a virtual staged reading of a season one episode of It's
Getting Tired Mildred tentatively planned for Saturday May 16th,
more info on that soon.  And April 10th I got to participate in a One
Minute Play Fest reading over zoom, with a small team lead by Pete
Boisvert performing over 60 very short plays commissioned in
response to the current pandemic situation.

Back in live-performance days, I got to do some really fun and
challenging things as an actor in 2019.  In October I returned to play
with my friends in
Dysfunctional Collective on Governor's Island.  
First I got to play the MURDERER  in Miss Jane Periwinkle and the
Mysterious Medium by Mim Granahan, directed by Aliza Shane.  
Then I got to do a cool solo piece written by Erin Bregman as part of
A Visitation directed by Maryanne Olson (an experimental,
immersive performance experience that weaved together the writing
of several different authors on a ghostly theme).

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