Sweeter Dreams

Written and Directed by Duncan Pflaster, which premiered at the June 2011 Planet
Connections Theatre Festivity, Gene Frankel Theatre.
In Sweeter Dreams play I got to play the lead role as
an edgy, independent filmmaker on the cusp of
commercial success with a very messy love life. There
were two awards ceremonies book-ending the play so
I got to wear a lot of fancy dresses as costumes.  
Below right is a promo shot used in the play of my
character arriving at a film festival. Sweeter Dreams
was very well received and we were nominated for a
slew of festival awards, including "Outstanding Lead
Actress in a Play" for my performance. Big cast/crew
group shot top: Adam Samtur, Scott Freeman, Clara
Barton Green, Duncan Pflaster, me, Douglas Rossi, &
Jenna Lazar,
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