"Greatest Mysteries - Sturgis"  episode for the Travel Channel

Photos from shoot November 2013
Air Date - Tentatively August 2014
I got to play Addie Van Buren in this episode
about motorcycling pioneers the Van Buren
sisters who were the first women to cross
North America on their own motorcycles in
1916 (before highways existed, before
women could vote) to prove to the Army that
women should be allowed to ride
motorcycles for messenger work in WWI.
For the shoot I rode a 1924 Indian Scout
which I learned to operate on set! They
were the first women to drive any motorized
vehicles over Pike's Peak, got lost in the
desert of Nevada, broke down everywhere,
and got arrested/run out of towns frequently
for wearing pants!  Then they dipped into
Mexico just to say they did info on the
Motorcycle Hall of Fame website.  Pictured
with my awesome co-star Tina Hardin. All
color photos shot by the great crew with my
cell phone. Left: The sisters as society
ladies before they got motorcycles, below
top: me and the real Addie, below middle: in
our costumes while cameras are fitted to my
bike for the day.  Amazing experience!
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