Press Quotes, Reviews & Accolades
For Sweeter Dreams

Nominated "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play" for the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity  (July 2011)

For Bromance of the Exes

Nominated "Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play" for the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity (July 2013)

For The Winter's Tale

"The cast is uniformly strong... Also of note was Heather Lee Rogers's Hermione... In shackles, Rogers adroitly interiorizes the
anguish brought on by the loss of her husband and children."
-Paul Dervis, The Arts Fuse 8/18/14

For Suddenly Last Summer

"Director Cyndy A. Marion and her stellar cast succeed in moving the audience... Rogers has fun emphasizing her character's
excruciating primness."
-Arlene McKanic, New York, September 2011

"Miss Foxhill, played here by Heather Lee Rogers, is a combination of solicitous and fractious, as she protects her employer with the
tenacity of a diminutive pomeranian who believes she is a pit bull... No one does Williams' plays like White Horse [Theater Company].
Make your reservations now."
-Sherri Rase,, September 2011

For The Comedy of Errors

"Heather Lee Rogers presents an Adriana true to her Edwardian times.... Rogers’ Adriana finally has had enough when her
supposed husband flies into the Abbey, and she engages in a spirited argument with the Abbess, pluckily played by Margie Catov,
each literally trying to out-holier-than-thou the other."
-Eric Minton,, June 8, 2012

For The Riders

"Bennett and Rogers fill most of the short piece with confessions and  anecdotes so sincere and unaffected, one is quickly caught
up in the actresses' utter ingenuousness."        
- Robert Simonson, TimeOut New York, 8/24/2000

"The Riders is one of the pleasantest surprises of this year's FringeNYC.
... Rogers and Bennett - petite, smart and articulate - are about as far removed from the biker chick stereotypes as it's possible to
be... Mostly they recreate for us the sheer joy and exhilaration that they feel when they hit the open rode on their bikes."
- Martin Denton,, 8/24/2000

For Imminent, Indeed

"The physical work onstage is also an example of great collaboration between director and ensemble.... Noteworthy, as well, are
Heather Rogers and Catherine Wronowski as the comic [Snitch and Snatch] as they bleat around the stage one part dumb pair of
sidekicks, one part mischevious (and hilarious) troublemakers."
[full review]
- Ross Peabody,, 8/16/2006

For Babylon Babylon

Martin Denton said "Their commitment and concentration as an ensemble are commendable" and then went on to single out some
actors for "particularly memorable contributions" including ME!, 4/17/2008

For The Heist Project:

Ahn Behrans called the scene I wrote a "standout" in the Waterfront Journal, 11/10/05 and said the play featured "top notch

Martin Denton, in, 11/11/2005 called the scene I performed in "one of [his] favorite sequences".  He also wrote "The
Heist Project is breathtakingly ambitious and splendidly inventive.  All of the artists involved - the visual artists...; the writers; the
filmmakers - are to be commended for engaging our imagination and intellect with such acuity."

For Emancipatory Politics: A Romantic Tragedy

"[The play] is also, significantly, a grand showcase for all of the participants' talents, which are constantly inspiring." ... "The actors,
each of whom demonstrates enormous versatility, skill and discipline in the course of the two hour play" ..."The sense of
collaboration among these artists is palpable and exciting"
-Martin Denton,, 12/2/2010

For The Empire's New Clothes

"The ensemble is a tight group of very creative and talented performers. ...Many of the simplest movements are highly stylized and
physically challenging...There is never a moment when there is not something captivating to watch on stage."
-Richard Hinojosa, 11/21/2008,

For Piecework

"If the factory workers in [Robyn Burland's] play are not real people, by the time their stories are told you feel as if they could have
- Neil Genzlinger, New York Times, 11/30/04,
review titled "Only the Fire Was Real, but the Cast Is Credible"
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