The Writing Page
While acting is why I get up in the morning, writing has always felt as natural as breathing... I think on my most basic level as an
artist I am a compulsive story-teller.  My infatuation with words and language is a huge part of what inspires me as an actor.  

Theatre Reviews

In Summer 2008 I joined the reviewing staff of  reviewing plays in New York.  I loved this website because they look
at the entire theatre landscape - work on all levels of budget, work outside of Manhattan, and generally celebrate the diversity of
quality theater in New York.   Theater practitioners did the reviewing.  I am very flattered, humbled and challenged by this activity
and I think it has helped me grow both as a writer and as a theater-maker.  Samples available by request.

The goals for the website, part of New York Theater Experience, have recently changed so I am currently a squad member for Indie
Theatre Now where we write about new plays happening in the independent theatre scene.

Check out my poetry website/blog here:

November 4th 2010 I was the featured poet at the Art House Open Mic in Jersey City!  More information here.

February 25, 2009 I perfoemd as a featured writer at the first kick-off event of their monthly "Parapluie" Creative Writing Series at
the Cornichon Cafe & Winebar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Why Are We In Iraq? published my poem Tiles on a Fence online on September 4th 2008 as the poem of the week.

United Divas has published two of my poems in the 2007 issue of Shouted Whisper, a periodical web publication with a focus on
the feminine experience.  United Divas is a cool organization that celebrates multi-disciplinary woman artists.  

Art House Productions accepted my poem Subway Adventure for their upcoming collection Pile Driving in C-Minor: Poetry and
Songs in a City of Change
.  I was also asked by Art House to read this poem on 9/24/06 at the Jersey City Museum as part of their
"Context" series.  I have been featured reading at the open mic on their TV broadcast twice.
Dramatic Writing

I first attempted playwriting during college and created a full-length piece called Somewhat Shakespeare. It was a collage of
various scene fragments, monologues and famous lines from different Shakespeare plays stitched together into a farce about
actors acting Shakespeare.  There was a lovers' triangle which led to a street brawl, which led to a war, and the victims of which
turned into a bunch of ghosts.  There was also obligatory cross-dressing and a "director" character who spewed a lot of Jacques
and Hamlet.  The Hyperbolic Players performed it at NYU.

The second play I wrote was called
The Riders which was a two-woman play about motorcycling.   It was "conceived, written and
performed" by myself and my best friend Amy Bennett (now Amy Wratchford) for the NY International Fringe Festival in 2000.  Amy
and I both learned how to ride motorcycles the same year and we both had some fantastic stories ranging from exhilaration to
humiliation to show for it.  So we laced them together into a duet.  We each played ourselves plus in her scenes I played the
supporting characters and she did the same in mine.  See the press quotes on the
reviews page.

In 2009 I wrote and produced a short screenplay called Goodbye.

I also wrote a scene for
The Heist Project (with Art House Productions, in 2005) inspired by the Degas painting La Sortie du
Pelage.  The painting depicts some men leaving a village on horseback and my scene was about three women watching them go
and talking about what they did before the men left to prepare for the imminent loss.  The scene was a crowd and critic favorite.  
Check out the reviews on my
reviews page.  I also performed in The Heist Project in a scene written by Karin Williams about
another Degas painting.  

I sometimes  entertain fantasies of working as a freelance motorcycle journalist.  In addition, I have been slowly building a
collection of essays called
The Neighborhood Chronicles about experiences I've lived through in New York that could only happen
in New York which answer the question of why I'm here.  I hope to someday publish them as a book.  
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