Photography Credits

Headshots on this site were done by Jody Christopherson.

The photos from Peer Gynt were taken by Benjamin Heller.

The promo photos for Salome & Charley’s Aunt were taken by Lisa Kramer.

The photos from A Midsummer Night’s Dream were taken by Scott Levin.

The photo from Suddenly Last Summer was taken by Joe Bly.

The photo from Babylon, Babylon was taken by Ken Stein.

The photos from The Emperor’s New Clothes were taken by our costume designer David Crittendon.

The photos from The Winter’s Tale were taken by Linus Gelber.

The photo from The Comedy of Errors was by Nicholas-Martin Smith.

The promo photo of me as Richard II with the quote over it was taken by our Director Zachary Tomlinson.

The photo from the Greatest Mysteries shoot, of the camera crew attaching cameras to our motorcycle, was taken by a member of the crew with my cell.

All the other photos were taken by me with my cell.